Top Automotive Trends of 2019

The Automobile sector is one such industry that has been the main topic of change for a long time. Manufacturers are always working to provide something that the market has never witnessed nor expected. This particular attitude has led to some trends that are bound to change the course of everything for the better part of 2019. So, add more meaning to these mmc996 statements, here are some of the top automotive trends of 2019.

1. Connected and Self Driving Cars

The concept of self-driven cars is not something that is new or unique to 2019. We have heard it before, and experiments have also proven things to take shape in the right manner. But this particular year will witness things turning into reality, as these cars are going to be sharing the same network. Thus the idea of connected and self-driven cars turns into a concept that might be gracing our streets sooner or later. The delay in this field is related to the limitations of resources and technology. But time has taken such demands and turned dreams into reality.

2. Health Tracking and Monitoring

Another significant advancement that you are going to see is the idea of health monitoring at regular intervals of your journey. With facial recognition, heart rate monitoring, and so on, your car may soon try to warn you about the different kinds of health hazards that you might be facing. Although the factors of cost are not known yet, the idea seems to have captured the right minds. On the basis of health, this new innovation has all the right reasons to shine.

3. The Automotive Usage-Based Insurance

Insurance companies have advanced and have reached a stage where data is something that is easy to access and receive. The latest in their pocket is the usage of IoT, and this approach seems to be working. These companies will now be using LoT for the purposes of data, and things are indeed going to take the right direction. This, in turn, brings in Automotive Usage Based Insurance that is an assortment of factors that revolve around premium calculations. These factors talk about the overall distance, the background of the driver, the category of the vehicle, and so on.

Future Car

4. The Future of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a particular sector that has proved its calibre only at moments, thanks to a handful of companies coming to forward to grab the market. But things are about to change because more number of start-ups are here to catch hold of things and make the environment home again. With more number of vehicles considered to be in the stages of production, positive results are expected soon.

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