Cheap Car Rental: Booking Vacation and Business Car Rental in Advance

When looking for a cheap car rental, many people prefer to book holiday or business cars in advance. Car rental is usually a must for most business trips, unless you are picked up at the airport. Driving a company car is fine for short trips, but if you have long distances to travel, or even abroad, then you need to rent a car and you want something that suits your needs.

Renting holiday cars can be even more important for most people, especially if they have large families with two adults and three or four children. It is bad enough to have two children in the trunk of a small car, let alone three! You probably know what I mean!

On holiday, you may need a 4×4 or even a luggage carrier (strange name) that is comfortable and without discomfort suitable for your whole family! These are not always available at the airports, so you may have a problem if you don’t book in advance. The same applies to more prestigious business cars such as BMW 7 Series, Mercedes or similar, and for these you almost certainly need to book your business car rental in advance.

That’s fine if you’re looking for a cheap car rental in your own country, but you may have trouble with it if you travel abroad. It is difficult enough to book a car in Hawaii if you live in Colorado, but try to make an advance booking in Kenya if you live in Australia! Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an easy way to book a business car or car for your holiday from home? Or does your secretary do it for you without ripping her hair out?

Most people prefer to book their car in advance when on holiday or business. Cheap car rental is easier to get by booking online early, and by pretending to, they make sure they get the car they need, not just “what’s available”. Others don’t seem to care about pre-booking rental cars: they will book flight and train tickets in advance, but leave their cars to luck!

Cheap car hire Cost advantage

There are several advantages to booking your holiday rental in advance, not least the cost. Most car rental companies charge less for an advance booking than if you just show up at your desk, so booking your holiday or business car rental in advance is likely to save you money – especially if you book a car online. Sometimes this is not possible on business trips, but you should at least know when your flight is due to arrive at its destination. You can book your car online in advance for that time and probably get a better price than someone who gets off the plane and tries to get cheap car rental at the counter.

Better choice of vehicles

However, there are other advantages, not least the choice of vehicles that can be offered to you. If you book a rental car in advance, you can choose the car you want – at least up to a certain point. When you rent a car at the airport, you’re limited to what there is: not only what’s available for rent at the airport, but also what’s left, especially if you’re in the back row!

It’s not easy to find a suitable car if you have five or six people in your family and lots of luggage. In fact, you can’t find anything and have to pay for a few taxis to your hotel so that they can help you with renting a car big enough for your needs. It is much better if you have booked your holiday rental in advance.

Cheap Car Hire Price Comparisons

If you know what type of vehicle you need, you should be able to compare cheap car rental prices between car rental companies and also between models that match your specifications. By renting a car in advance, you should be able to achieve this by entering your needs into a search engine and getting a number of vehicles offered in order of price for each country you desire.

Perhaps you have different collection and drop points, so how would this affect the cost of your car rental? Is it easy to search through a number of car rental companies, or do you need to visit each car rental company’s website separately? How about searching through a number of countries? If you live in the USA and travel to Austria or Switzerland to ski, you don’t want to do that.

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