Rent your vehicle from a car rental company and enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

When you plan to go on holiday in your own country or abroad, the first thing you need to think about is how to reach your destination. If you are traveling abroad, you will most likely choose to fly to the country of your choice, and then what to do about it? Even if you get to your hotel by taxi, how will you manage the rest of your holiday? The best option would be to rent a car for the duration of your stay and you can easily do this by renting a car that will meet your specific needs.

Booking a car in advance

If you are one of those people who like to have everything arranged in front of your hand, you can browse the Internet to find a car rental company, preferably an international company with a good reputation, so that you can complete the transaction online, and when you reach your destination all you have to do is go to rent a car and get your car. Having your own car to travel around gives you the freedom and flexibility to decide where you want to go and how many days you want to spend in one place.

Rental fees and other conditions

Depending on how long you need the car, charges are usually based on 24-hour periods, and if you have to pick up the car at 7 a.m. on a given day, you will have to return it at 7 a.m. the next day. Remember that charges are always lower if you have booked a car in advance, not going to a car rental company as a tourist and asking for a car. By making a reservation in your own country online, you can save on exchange rates, as well as because exchange rates in other countries are something you can’t rely on.

When booking online, make sure that you are aware of all the extra charges you have to pay for, such as road taxes, insurance, civil liability insurance, extra equipment such as baby seats or luggage carriers, etc. Some car rental companies prefer mature drivers if they think the risk is less, and if the person renting a vehicle is young, the charges may increase. Since you would most likely pay by credit card, find out whether the amount charged is just an advance payment or a deposit that will be refunded when the car returns in good condition. Once you have picked up the vehicle from the rental company, where you will have to present your voucher and driving licence, you will be asked to sign a form or receipt confirming your acceptance of the company’s terms and conditions.

Insurance and other matters

Now we come to the important issue of gas or fuel. Most car rental companies deliver the car with a full tank and expect the driver to return the car also with a full tank. Depending on your car rental policy, you may even receive a car with a small amount of fuel to get to the next petrol station, in which case it doesn’t matter how much gas is in the tank when you return it.

After taking over the car, before leaving, you should check the engine, tires and interior of the car to make sure it is in a good enough condition to get out of your holiday. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a vehicle that is constantly breaking down and causing problems halfway through the road. That’s why an international car company is always better, because it will have branches all over the country, and in case of problems you can always replace the car with another one.

There are several ways to ensure that you get the lowest possible rental price. First of all, car rental should be treated in the same way as an airline reservation: remember to make a reservation in advance. Car rental companies usually charge higher prices for the last minute of travel than for advanced bookings lasting two to three weeks.

Another thing that connects airlines and car rental agencies is to determine what day of the week you are travelling on. If you are ready to add a Saturday stay to your trip, you often find that the cost of renting a car will be lower.


Secondly, consider exactly what type of car you will need for your trip. Of course, we all like to spread out in a large, spacious SUV on a road trip, but the cost of renting a car is not limited to the car itself. You have to put fuel in this beast, and gas prices will probably not fall in the near future. It could be that a little well thought-out packaging can allow you to lower your class to an equally capacious, full-sized model, saving you money not only in the rental shop but also on the pumps.

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